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Habits of Unsuccessful Digital Transformation

Automation made easy...

Demystifying the confusion…

Habit #6 The 'Need to Know' basis

Sexy meets not so sexy

Habit #5  Don’t Sweat the Detail | Rethinking Digital Transformation Strategy

Can you pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time? 

Habit #4 Start Small...Stay Small | Unlock Agile Transformation

It's starts by being…Agile!

So… you're an avid reader of all the trends and have bought into the...

Habit #3 Pick A Sacrificial Lamb | Outsourcing Your Leadership

Let’s govern the heck out of this thing!

Now that you have secured the funding, after ensuring you...

Habit #2 - Spreading Accountability

Develop a “no commitments” accountability

We know that an effective business relies on having clear...

Habit # 1: Outsource Your Vision to a Successful Digital Transformation

Most people know what a successful digital transformation is – even though they don’t

There’s a lot...