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Liam Kelly

Liam Kelly has been working in digital transformation for over 30 years. He heads up a2b Transformation, which provides cut through strategic advice and transformation consulting to get your Digital Transformation mobilised and delivering for your business.

Automation made easy...

Demystifying the confusion…

Habit #6 The 'Need to Know' basis

Sexy meets not so sexy

Habit #5  Don’t Sweat the Detail | Rethinking Digital Transformation Strategy

Can you pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time? 

Habit #4 Start Small...Stay Small | Unlock Agile Transformation

It's starts by being…Agile!

So… you're an avid reader of all the trends and have bought into the...

Habit #3 Pick A Sacrificial Lamb | Outsourcing Your Leadership

Let’s govern the heck out of this thing!

Now that you have secured the funding, after ensuring you...

Habit #2 - Spreading Accountability

Develop a “no commitments” accountability

We know that an effective business relies on having clear...

Habit # 1: Outsource Your Vision to a Successful Digital Transformation

Most people know what a successful digital transformation is – even though they don’t

There’s a lot...