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Habit #6 The 'Need to Know' basis

Many organisations fall into the trap of either thinking people outside of the project group don’t need to be informed of the project and that it is left to the privilege of a select few to know what is going on.

Or they leave it to the last minute prior to ‘go live’ to inform those expected to support the solution way too late…or in some cases…not at all!

This is a classic, from the 'Secret playbook for screwing up your Digital Transformation' from the series Habits of Unsuccessful Digital Transformation

It's a near certainty to put your business continuity at risk and in some circumstances your whole customer base, that you took years to build up, at risk of defecting to the competition, if the solution they are meant to be supporting has collapsed a core part of your business.

Sexy meets not so sexy

I don’t know what it is…

Many companies think that the closer you are to the front end of the business you work…the sexier the job is and the further away you are from the front end…the less sexy the job is.

It could be these folks aren’t seen by your management as important in playing a part in setting your strategy.

The sales team see themselves as better than the support folks.

Or a project team sees the work they are delivering is only for a select few to be involved.

Its undeniable… this thinking breeds a classic ‘Us vs Them’ syndrome in many businesses and lends to a complete lack of coordination between teams, as Quasimodo is left on the sidelines only to be told things on a ‘need to know’ basis.

More than often poor old ‘Quasi’ is not informed of the fact that a new process and digital platform is in place.

Then the s&%t hits the fan…

The platform and therefore the process is down…And it is running your high-volume sales process and customers can’t order your highly attractive product. Suddenly your beautiful product is starting to look like lipstick on a pig to your prospects and customers.

Your first reaction is to walk to Quasi’s desk and start yelling at him to get the platform back online.

Quasi politely responds…’What platform are you talking about sir…?’

Eating Humble Pie

You suddenly realise Quasi is the only person that can get you out of this mess…so you start eating humble pie…begging for Quasi’s help.

Quasi might even slip something into the pie…now that he realises after just being yelled at, that he is the only person that can rescue you and the situation for the business.

Not only is he the only person that can recover the situation…due to your blind arrogance…you’ve also armed Quasi with the bullets that can sink your boat in the wash up when your autopsy is carried out.

If you’re lucky…you will retain your job…but it will be you who is treated like poor old Quasi was all those years.

Quasi saves the day

Quasi saves the day by digging in…staying awake for the next 48 hours to recover the business he so loves and the customers he adores.

Quasi is carried through the halls of your business as a hero…while you are put into the sin bin for an unforeseeable amount of time…eating the humble pie Quasi has served up to you…with his own special ingredient…

Are you putting your business at risk?

There are even more scenarios that the above that unhinge companies and can put their entire brand and operations at risk.

A2B Transformation specialise in bringing ‘end-in-mind’ thinking into your projects to ensure your future state business architecture is an improvement on what you had before you started the project, not a risk to your business.

We bring the People, Process and Technology together to ensure you have a solid foundation for growth and sustainable business.


Talk to a2b today about setting up your digital transformation for success, growth and operational efficiency.

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