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A2B Success Stories

We help our customers future proof their technology through our a2b Digital Adoption Framework. Read below for a taste of how we have successfully moved clients from a2b.


From traditional to SaaS operating model

A global software provider knew they had to shift their operating model to Software as a Service (SaaS) to keep pace with the market and maintain their #1 leadership position (IDC).

Yet they could not be sure what processes or technology would best suit their unique needs for today and future growth. And whilst they were ready to transform their business, they couldn't afford interruptions to their operations or customers.

So they reached out to a2b Transformation.

a2b Transformation conducted a gap analysis between their existing and future SaaS model. Then developed a comprehensive blueprint for reaching their business goals.

Need help simplifying your operating model to support growth and sustainability?

Faster Payment Processing

Faster payment processing and better cash flow for service providers

A part of NDIS Plan Managers supporting service providers is to manage their invoices for prompt payment. Service providers are typically small operators who need prompt payment to keep their operations running smoothly. NDIS Managers use a dedicated software platform to process payments, but it still involves manual tasks, which can slow the process significantly.

The Australian software company responsible for developing the platform wanted a method to make invoice processing and payments faster to improve cash flow for service providers.

So they turned to a2b Transformation.

a2b introduced a solution to integrate an Intelligent Automation solution into their platform. It included speeding up invoice processing through advanced Optical Character Recognition software. And extract data from the invoices to move into the core provider platform. It would remove all manual elements for a faster outcome. Given the complex nature of the problem, it required Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

a2b Transformation sourced the best provider in the market for this customised solution and worked with the platform provider to integrate it into the platform.

With this integration, the software company is now enjoying a significant competitive advantage by enabling Plan Managers to serve more participant members.

Diversify revenue channels

Diversifying revenue channels and growth in digital markets

An Australian HR Advisory firm was looking to diversify its revenue channels and take advantage of the growth in digital markets. This was a critical step for the growing firm that was establishing a reputation in leadership coaching and people-based change management across some of Australia’s largest organisations.

The HR Advisory firm looked to a2b for guidance on adjacent offerings they could use to expand into the market. a2b Transformation developed a detailed blueprint for achieving the firm’s future state operating model. The firm is now following the roadmap outlined in the blueprint.

The company has already landed their first customer from one of the new revenue streams identified in the blueprint. They have also partnered with a2b Transformation to assist in expanding their market.

Talk with a2b Transformation about digitising your organisation and diversifying your revenue channels.