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Our services align to specific phases in the customer’s transformation journey: advise, implement and optimise. We deliver a unique, future-proofed, digital operating model.


Establishing the best new digital operating model for your business and how to embed it with our business consulting and technical consulting expertise


Implementing and embedding your new digital operating model with our program management, systems integration and change management expertise


Providing ongoing support to maintain the efficiency of your digital operating model


Advisory Service

Our Advisory Service will develop a blueprint for your desired new digital operating model based on your business vision and strategy. We provide an end-to-end view of your future digital operating model, by leveraging both our business consulting and technical consulting expertise.

We start by performing a gap analysis, which leverages the a2b Digital Adoption Framework to reveal the organisation’s maturity. This helps us understand the opportunities for improvement, leveraging the latest Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

From the gap analysis results, we will develop a future proof blueprint. This represents the target operating model to optimise growth and deliver productivity benefits for your organisation. The blueprint will also include key recommendations for functional leaders and team members to improve their areas.

a2b Transformation will develop a strategy that answers how best to embed the new digital operating model within your business. It will also reveal impacts to your people, processes and technology landscape. Through a series of workshops with your team, a2b will develop a phased plan to achieve this. Besides helping your business understand how your digital operating model will impact and benefit your staff, it will advise on how to ensure staff adoption along the transformation journey.


Implementation Service

Our Implementation Service will help transform your business to its new digital operating model based on your customised blueprint. 

Our program management and change management expertise will then help implement the blueprint. The team will set up a governance structure to track progress and manage benefit outcomes. 

The human resources for implementation is balanced by leveraging the involvement of your people so they are familiar with changes within the business, whilst being supported by a2b Transformation business transformation managers, program managers, enterprise architects and our partner resources to deliver the benefits.


Optimisation Service

Our Optimisation Service ensures the ongoing success of your digital operating model into the future. 

Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are developing faster than a lot of SMB IT teams can keep up with within the daily BAU workload.

We provide ongoing support to clients through IT Business Continuity Risk Assessments, IT Support Maturity Assessments, and ongoing advice on technology upgrades and management.


Get Started Now, Pay Later

If you know you need to act now but are limited to funds, we can set up a “trade now, pay later” arrangement through our partner Finstro.

This enables you to lay the groundwork for growth and sustainability now whilst paying for it later as you realise your business success.

Clients love our service because it is:

  • Tailored – We’ll develop your a2b blueprint firmly on your vision, strategy and business context. It will consider each business function – from people and process to technology – along with your strengths and weaknesses. It will give you an end-to-end functional roadmap that grows and provides resilience to your business.
  • Fast – You can expect a rapid turnaround from our agile approach. This includes quick wins for your employees and customers that will kick-start your transformation journey.
  • Reliable – Our approach includes the proven a2b transformation model that helps us efficiently cover everything you need to enable growth and sustainability
  • Results-driven – Our goal is to give your business the best, reliable operation that supports – not distracts from - your people growing and sustaining your business

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